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InstaFlipĀ® is a boutique Digital Investment Banking firm that works with buyers and sellers of digital assets in multiple fields, including content sites, e-commerce, software, services, marketplaces, mobile apps, and more. Managed by digital experts with years of hands-on experience closing multi-million dollar deals, we maximize value for our clients. We represent deals of all sizes from $3M to $500M.

To provide our buyer clients with businesses of the highest quality, InstaFlip works only with high-quality sellers.

We work closely with you, the seller, to find strategic buyers who are willing to pay more than just the business’s financial results.

With our extensive network of investors, as well as working closely with co-brokers such as Flippa, EmpireFlipprs, and more, we are able to locate the ideal buyer for your business.

We believe in a smooth and secure transaction via Escrow.com with 100% customer satisfaction

Our Team

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Mohit Patel, Founder & CEO img

Mohit Patel, M&A Intermediary For Internet-Based Businesses, has been buying and selling website businesses since 2016. Mohit has managed multiple website portfolios and has done multiple deals both as a buyer and seller. His philosophy is to truly get to know his clients before dealing with them, in order to ensure that the business is real and that the new owner will be satisfied. Mohit has a good understanding of what buyers are looking for when considering the purchase of a business. With this insight, he is able to present the businesses he sells in a way that makes the potential buyers feel confident about purchasing them.

Ran Enoch, Chairman img

Ran Enoch, a digital entrepreneur, executive and adviser with over 20 years of experience in online businesses. These include start-ups, leading enterprises and governmental clients. Ran has extensive experience in acquisition and management of numerous established digital assets, in addition to e-commerce sales of over 1 billion USD, web development and investments in start-ups. Ran graduated with distinction an MBA and a B.Sc. in Engineering.

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Our Services

M&A Intermediary

Acquisition of Established Digital Assets & Investments
An M&A intermediary is a professional or organization that facilitates mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions between two business entities. Typically, they act as brokers or consultants, using their expertise to negotiate the best terms for their clients. Their responsibilities often include identifying potential targets or buyers, valuing businesses, assisting with due diligence, structuring deals, and coordinating negotiations.

Raise Funds

Raising funds refers to the process of accumulating capital for a company or project.
Raising funds refers to the process of accumulating capital for a company or project. This can be done in various ways. For example, equity financing, where shares of a company are sold to investors, Safe, or in some cases debt financing, where funds are borrowed and paid back with interest. The digital investment banker plays a key role in strategizing, structuring, and executing fundraising efforts.

Business Development

Digital & Traveltech Consultancy
Strategic activities designed to increase revenue or profitability of a company over time. These activities can include expanding into new markets, identifying and reaching out to potential partners, and exploring new business models or opportunities for revenue growth. The digital investment banker acts as a strategic advisor, helping to identify and execute these growth initiatives.

Our Testimonials


Bought a couple of websites now from his brokerage. Always smooth transaction and very professional.

Paolo Echano

Business Development Representative at Adireto

Had a professional and good experience with Mohit; he was able to quickly locate and create a good sell process for our domain. He was very responsive and took care of everything.

Asaf Shamly

Co-Founder & CEO @ Browsi

Mohit is an amazing, thoroughly professional, and extremely hard-working guy. Most importantly, he gives his time to his clients, which is why we decided to work with him and would do so in the future as well.

Akshit Gupta

Founder at Buzzify Media Pvt Ltd

I worked with Mohit and his team and was highly impressed with his communication and thoroughness as a broker during this transaction. Everything was as described with the asset, and it has turned out to be a fantastic purchase for me, especially as this was an off-market listing. I highly recommend working with Mohit and would certainly do so again in the future.

Mark Marino

Vice President, Finance - Rackspace Technology

Mohit was great to work with. He was always prompt, to the point, and professional and made the deal go very smoothly. Managing a buyer and seller is a skill and Mohit does the beautifully. If you are thinking of buying or selling a website, check him out. Thanks for everything Mohit šŸ™‚

Jaryd Krause

Online Business Mentor, Coach & Investor

InstaFlip Team sold me a website recently. They answered all my questions very honestly which is rare in this industry.

Harinderpreet Singh

Full-Time Digital Marketer

"Iā€™ve worked with Mohit for over a year now, and Iā€™ve been highly impressed with his professionalism, drive, and determination. He has been an integral and valued referral partner for us."

Ryan Kaufman

Investor & Strategic Acquisitions Consultant

Exit Process

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Free Exit Consultation

This Free consultation offers valuable insights and strategies that can maximize your financial return and ensure that your digital business’s unique qualities are understood and appreciated by prospective buyers. The goal is to help you navigate the complexities of the sales process while minimizing stress, reducing uncertainties, and enhancing the overall success of your business transition.Ā We will share with a suggested roadmap to making an Exit based on our accumulative reach experience in this field and your personal interests.

Free digital business valuation

A Free Digital Business Valuation is an essential FreeĀ service offered to digital business owners who are contemplating selling their businesses. This process involves a comprehensive analysis of your business’s financials, operations, market position, and potential growth to determine its worth in the current marketplace. Experts in digital business trends and valuation methods will take into account several factors, such as your business’s revenue streams, growth trend, profitability, customer base, intellectual property, and digital assets, among others. The result is an accurate estimate of your digital business’s market valueĀ range, which is crucial in setting a competitive and fair selling price. This free service not only helps you understand the monetary value of your business but also provides you with a clearer picture of its strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to enhance its appeal to prospective buyers.



Create an Exit Plan

Subsequently, we collate relevant details about your businessĀ and offer a complimentary, expert business valuation. By conducting a meticulous analysis of your business, we endeavor to deliver the most precise estimation of its valuation range. At this juncture, you’ll gain insight into the potential exit scenario from both a strategic and a financial buyer’s perspective. With this information at your disposal, you’ll be well-positioned to make an educated choice on whether to proceed with an immediate exit or consider one in the future. Regardless of your decision, you will be equipped with a clear understanding of your business’s value.

InstaFlip - Exit Transaction

In the end, when you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with your digital business, we initiate a comprehensive sales process on your behalf. This intricate, includes reaching out on your behalf to investors who have been working with us as well as strategic & financial buyers. We manage every detail, ensuring your business transition unfolds seamlessly and efficiently, trying to maximize your profits from the sale.


Business Listing

Accepting Offers


Top-Tier Online Donation Management Platform

A leading online donation management software that provides a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform that optimizes global fundraising strategies for non-profits, churches, and political organizations.

Accepting Offers

Open for Offers

Push Notification Services SaaS Business

A unique acquisition opportunity for a leading SaaS business specializing in push notification services. The business has established itself as a leader in the market, providing a wide range of services, including news delivery, latest updates, special offers, and more, all through an easy-to-use Push Notification platform.

Under Offer


Cloud-based Form Building SaaS Business

A cloud-based tool that allows you to design and embed beautiful forms on your website. You can collect consumer data, use dynamic fields, and implement payment integration.

Accepting Offers
3D Services


Groundbreaking 3D/XR/AR Technology for eCommerce

The company has integrated pioneering 3D/XR/AR technology into a proprietary infrastructure and management platform. This enables brands to deploy immersive 3D and AR experiences across the web effortlessly, captivating audiences and driving unparalleled engagement.

Accepting Offers


CRM Business with Marketing Automation

We represent a unique acquisition opportunity of a leading SaaS CRM business with Marketing Automation. It is a CRM built for everyone – one place for all of sales, marketing, and operations. The business has established itself as a leader in the market, providing a wide range of features, including CRM automation and flows for Sales, Marketing, and operations.

Accepting Offers
Cyber Security


Leading Network Threat Detection & Prevention Provider

A cybersecurity company specializing in innovative solutions to protect data and networks. Their offerings include advanced threat prevention, real-time visibility, and intelligent threat response mechanisms, designed to secure digital environments from evolving cyber threats.

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